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Environment Management
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Rain Centre
Climate Change
Coastal Studies
Training & Awareness
Integrated Coastal Zone Management
R & D Project Implemented by Environment Monitoring and Environment Management Cell of IESWM.
Study on the Environmental Status of Bidyadhari River and its Impact on Fish and Prawn Cultivation.
A Comprehensive Studies on the East Kolkata Wetland Ecosystem for its Conservation and Better Sustenance.
Monitoring of Quality of Waste in different points of the Canal and Fish ponds and Inventorization and the Monitoring of Biodiversity in East Kolkata Area.
Inventory of Wetlands in the State of Haryana.
Highland Aquatic Resources Conservation and Sustainable Development.
Study to elucidate the significance of East Kolkata Wetland in carbon sequestration to mitigate the climate change.
Determination of Heavy Metals from Food, Soils, and Waters for the districts namely, Howrah, North 24 Parganas, Hooghly and Nadia.
Determination of Heavy Metals in Vegetables, Soil and Irrigation Water in South 24 Parganas and Purba Burdwan Districts.
The Study on the Status of Sewage of Calcutta as Pollutants, Nutrients and Sediments , Sponsored by West Bengal Pollution Control Board ( WBPCB ).
Monitoring of the Environmental Status of Subhas Sarobor and Preparation of its Management Action Plan , Sponsored by WBPCB.
A Study on Environmental Status of Calcutta Canal System Sponsored by Dept of Env., Govt. of W. B.
Drinking Water Quality analysis of Terai Region Sponsored by Dept. of Agriculture, GOWB.
Studies on the Distribution of Toxic Metal Ions in Vegetable, Water, and Soil of Dhapa Area ( Garbage Firm ). Sponsored by WBPCB.
Monitoring of Environmental Status of Rabindra Sarobor ( declared as National Lake ), Calcutta and Preparation of its Management Action Plan . Sponsored by Dept. of Environment, GOWB.
A Study on Water Quality Status of 15 Large Water Bodies in Calcutta Municipal Corporation Area , Sponsored by WBPCB.
Water Quality Monitoring of the Churni River at Ranaghat and Jalangi River at Krishnanagar of West Bengal, Sponsored by WBPCB.
Development of an Inexpensive Kit for On-spot Estimation of Arsenic in Natural Water and Human Urine. Sponsored by Dept. of Science & Technology, GOWB.
Study of Environmental Damages of Bariti Beel and Ichhapur Canal. Sponsored by Dept. of Environment, GOWB.
Study of Environmental Damages of Dankuni Canal Sponsored by Dept. of Environment, GOWB.
Investigation on the Metal Ion in the Water and River Bed of Hooghly River. Sponsored by WBPCB.
Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment for the site at Haldia to be Developed as Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility ( TSDF ) for Hazardous Wastes Located At Purba Srikrishnapur, P.S. Sutahata of 50 acre area. Sponsored by WBPCB.
Occupational Health Problems of Stone Crusher in West Bengal – A Pilot Study at Birbhum District. Sponsored by WBPCB.
Survey on Microbiological Quality of Ice-Candy ( Including frozen milk products ) in the Slum of Kolkata and Its Public Health Significance. Sponsored by WBPCB.
Studies on the Back Yard Storage of Mercury Sludge in Clor-Alkali Industryon Ground Water Quality. Sponsored by WBPCB.
Investigation on Presence of Elements in Industrial and Municipal Waste of West Bengal. Sponsored by West Bengal Pollution Control Board.
Removal of Heavy Metals Ions from Wastewater by Treatment with Biosorbent Sponsored by Central Pollution Control Board.
Preliminary Study on Biodiversity of Sewage Fed Fisheries of Wast Kolkata Wetland Ecosystem – Sponsored by Dept. of Environment, Govt. of West Bengal.
Preparation of Management Action Plan for Improvement of Livelihood Pattern of the Surrounding Population Specially Schedule Caste Population, Sponsored by Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of West Bengal.
Studies on the Distribution of Toxic Metals in Fish Grown in Sewage Fed Fisheries in Dhapa-Bantala Area. Sponsored by Dept. of Environment, Govt. West Bengal.
Monitoring Soil and Water Quality within Sundarban Reserved Forests – Under UNDP Project through Department of Forest, Govt. of West Bengal.