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Coastal zones are extremely important. The ecosystems in the coastal zone are important for biological and economic productivity, storm protection and erosion control. The adjoining zone along the coastline contains some of the most productive and valuable habitats of the biosphere. A general estimates points that about 60% of world's population - about 3 billion people lives in within 60 kilometers of the coast. This number is increasing rapidly due to a combination of population growth, migration and urbanization. Two thirds of cities with population over 2.5 million are situated near estuaries. Coastal zone  supports many different types of livelihood that are sometimes at odds with each other. Fishing, tourism, manufacturing, farming, and other industries are all very important to the coastal areas, but without proper planning, damaging conflicts can emerge that can destroy the very resources that support these economic activities. This specific division deals with different studies related with coastal zone.
Consultancy Jobs for Demarcation of HTL, LTL and CRZ Lines:
IESWM has been recognised as an authorised agency for demarcation of HTL, LTL and CRZ lines along the Indian Coast. Many private agencies / organisations need to plan and carry out CRZ mapping for their individual projects. Depending on the nature of the project and the project proponent, IESWM use to take up such consultancy job on selective basis. It has allready carried out such jobs in most of the maritime states of India. Interested agencies / parties, who want to carry out CRZ mapping at the project sites, may apply to the Director, IESWM giving details to the job to be carried out.